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Diamond Purity Rings – Our Ultimate Top 10 List

When you make a purity ring pledge, chances are it’s something you take very seriously – and the ring you choose should reflect that. No jewel says “commitment” more than a diamond, which is why there are so many diamond purity rings out on the market. But with so many out there, it can be hard to settle on one. If you need a little help to make the decision, check out these ten of the most popular diamond purity rings for teens.

1. Sterling Silver Diamond Purity Ring with flower

Sterling Silver & Diamond Flower RingThis ring by Reeds features a diamond-studded flower in the middle of it, with the words “Love” and “waits” in black script on either side. Twenty-four small, round diamonds adorn the petals, and a round silver circle encloses a twenty-fifth diamond in the very center.


2. Protected Heart Purity Ring

Protected Diamond Heart in Sterling SilverFeatured on PurityRings.com, the Protected Heart ring has a heart intersecting with a cross, both made from sterling silver. The diamond is embedded in the center of the cross and is available in three colors – traditional clear, blue, and yellow.



3. Silver Gift-Wrapped Heart

Silver Gift-Wrapped HeartAlso hailing from PurityRings, the Gift-Wrapped heart purity ring is available in numerous varieties, including four with diamonds. The ribbon-style ring features a diamond-studded wrapped heart in the center. Choose from silver, sterling silver, white gold, and yellow gold versions, with clear, blue, or yellow diamonds.



4. Love Waits Ladies Ring

Love Waits Ladies RingThis ring by USA Precious Jewelry is fashioned from sterling silver. A sideways heart in the center of the band encloses a clear diamond, which separates the words “Love” (with a heart for the “o”) and “waits” in black lettering.




5. Three Stone Diamond Heart Shape Promise Ring

Three Stone Diamond Heart Shape Promise RingIf you’re on a budget, try to pick up this sterling silver ring while it’s on sale on Amazon for $27.99, down from $79.99. It’s a fairly thin ring, with a heart in the middle of the band that has three small diamonds in its center.




6. Heart & Diamonds Promise Ring

Heart & Diamonds Promise RingFor those who really want to go all-out, Cornerstone Jewelry offers a 14 karate white gold ring with diamonds. For the heart in the center of the band, white gold makes up one half and a line of diamonds makes up the other.



7. Diamond Heart Split Shank Purity Ring

Diamond Heart Promise Ring in 10K White GoldA beautiful white gold band circles around the sides and back of the ring, splitting into two curved lines in the center and form a beautiful heart shape with a diamond 0.05 Ct. diamond in the center. This ring is available at Amazon.



8. Diamond Accent Heart Purity Ring

Diamond Accent Heart Purity Ring in Sterling SilverAlso from Zales, this ring has a complete band decorated with a solid diamond-cluster heart. The words “Love waits” are written on the band in black.




9. 1/8 Ct. Diamond Promise Ring in Sterling Silver

1/8 CT. TW. DIAMOND PROMISE RING IN STERLING SILVERHelzberg offers an incredibly popular sterling silver promise ring featuring a collection of smaller diamonds surrounding one larger diamond in the circular, ribbon-wrap style center.



10. Square Center Diamond Promise Ring in Sterling Silver

Square Center Diamond Promise Ring in Sterling SilverAnother highly-rated ring from Helzberg has a sterling silver square in the center, with a collection of diamonds on the square itself and also on either side of it. The pièce de résistance is a diamond in the middle of a flower shape that decorates the square.

Whether you prefer hearts, flowers, or simple shapes, there are diamond purity rings out there for you. Good luck finding one you love!