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Top 10 True Love Waits Purity Rings by James Avery

When you’re looking for a symbol of your commitment and love for another person, it’s important to find something that speaks to you on a personal level. Rings are a great way to show the world that your heart is dedicated to someone. But what if you’re simply not ready to take that massive step of engagement for marriage? Many girls choose purity rings in that in-between phase of their lives: after love, before proposal. Others wear them before they even meet “the one” to demonstrate their sincerity.

Whatever your reasons are for wanting to wear a purity ring, you shouldn’t just settle for the first one you see. James Avery’s line of True Love Waits jewelry offers dozens of purity rings for women and couples, so they’re almost guaranteed to have one that captures your heart. Here are ten of the top True Love Waits rings!

 1. Sterling Silver True Love Waits Rings

Sterling Silver True Love Waits Rings

If you’re in a relationship right now, you’re probably looking for True Love Waits rings for couples: it wouldn’t make sense for just one of you to demonstrate your faithfulness! The sterling silver rings are suitable for both genders, so they’ll make a perfect match – just like the two of you.

They’re engraved (of course) with the words “True love waits” and can be personalized inside with your names.

 2. True Love Waits Steel Ring

True Love Waits Stainless Steel Ring

This simple, classic ring is made with stainless steel and is a youth group favorite.

It comes in stainless steel, and black lettering can be customized with any message in a variety of fonts.


 3. Steel Spinner True Love Waits Ring

True Love Spinner Ring

Add a little bit of edge to your style with this unique and trendy spinner ring.
“True love waits” is carved in wide letters on the outer ring, but the inside can bear whatever message you choose.


4. Script & Hearts Steel Spin True Love Waits Ring

True Love Waits Stainless Steel Purity Spinner Ring

This ultra-feminine purity ring  has “True love waits” written in a gorgeous cursive, and is decorated with small hearts. Like the others, it can be personalized inside.


5. True Love Waits Black Steel Band

True Love Waits Black Stainless Steel Purity Ring

Not so much a fan of the classic silver color? Opt for a sleek black band with “True love waits” engraved on the inside – for a change, the outside is where you can customize the message!

6. True Love Waits Open Heart Ring

True Love Waits Open Heart Ring

This beautiful True Love Waits ring for women features a jewel-studded heart in the middle of the band, and “True love waits” wrapped around the side in black letters. Have the inside engraved however you like.


7. True Love Waits Cursive Ring

TLW Cursive Cutout Purity Ring

In this unique and interesting band, the cursive letters “tlw are actually part of the ring, cut into the front. This ring is a conversation starter for sure. Black enamel engraving on the back, reading “True love waits”, will help you explain!

8. Black Chain True Love Waits Ring

Black & Silver Chain Guys True Love Waits ring

Why choose between black and silver when you can have equal amounts of both? Silver letters along the top and bottom edges of the black ring read “True love waits”, and they sandwich a polished silver chain center!


9. True Love Waits Solitaire Heart Ring

True Love Waits Solitaire Heart Ring

People will definitely notice your ring with the sparkly, heart-cut zirconium stone adorning this slim silver band! The standard black “True love waits” message wraps around the back; engrave your own words inside.

 10. True Love Waits  Cable Ring

 True love waits Cable Ring

Last but not least, this stylish ring features two dark gray cables on the top and bottom, bracketing “True love waits” written in black in the center.



Keep in mind that most of these rings are designed for religious young people, so some include Bible verses. Whichever style you’re drawn to most, if you’re committed to waiting for true love, this is the perfect way to express that!